How do you find work that ties in with your qualities and motivation? That seems a simple question but perhaps you struggle with the answer. You may not know what you want, who you are or what specific qualities you possess. Or you already know all of that, but find it difficult to get the right job.


In an intake session we explore your exact needs. What are looking for, what questions needs to be addressed, to what questions do you already know the answer? On the basis of this I will develop a track specifically for you. If required, I will help you discover your internal motivation, the issues that give you drive and passion. Or we include assessment tools to determine where your talents lie.


What is typical to my approach is that I do not only help you in the short term in finding a job that suits you. You will learn how to deal with such questions effectively in the future. By connecting with the things that are valuable to you, you will attain more strength to proactively steer your career.