In the beginning of your relationship everything went well. You were happy with each other and the love gave you energy. Perhaps you felt that this would always stay the same. But now you experience that things are no longer what they used to be. There may be a lot more conflict and tension, and perhaps it is more difficult to find each other again. You may feel that you have grown too much apart.


As a relation therapist I try to help you in getting a good view of the real problem. “What issues are not going right” and “what do you want to achieve with this therapy” are questions that are the starting point of this trajectory. Perhaps there is doubt whether you want to stay together. Or you are fed up quarreling over the same issues time and again.


What can I expect from this relationship therapy?

After the first session we discuss what the therapy cycle may look like. Often a therapy consists of six joint sessions. Sometimes there is a need for individual sessions to get deeper into personal issues. As a professional psychologist and relationship therapist I use different methods to identify behavioral aspects and the binding elements of your relationship. Often I use EFT, emotionally focused therapy. Through that method you develop insight into the causes of your problems, but you also work on realizing your goals in the present situation. In the sessions we have there are plenty of elements that allow us to reflect on behavioral and interaction patterns, fears and needs. This often helps to reduce tensions and obstacles and to strengthen the bond that you have.


Relationship Improvement

Even if your relationship is fairly well, relationship counseling can have a lot of added value. You become more aware of the bond between you and your partner and what your love means. Difference between the two of you are made more clear. By looking at each other’s needs and wishes, the energy in your relationship will grow.

This module consists of an intake with both partners, two individual meetings and a joint reflection session. The intake will be used to define the objectives and to determine the focus of the sessions. Sometimes we will use instruments like MBTI or compact communication models. In the final session insights and wishes will be shared and, if you want, the partners will agree on what to do in the future.

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